About Us

India offers as many opportunities as it presents constraints. That is why Inditime was founded in 2009: to make India more approachable, with a greater potential for high growth for the furniture business. Convinced of the current and future opportunities of Indian furniture production, our aim is to provide you serenity for your furniture imports.

To meet these expectations, Inditime is supported by its own Indian company represented by furniture experts that take charge of quality control and production follow-up. We also maintain a robust network of approximately thirty suppliers. Finally, our French structure allows us to be responsive to your needs.

Our ambition to use our strong knowledge of India, our extensive expertise in furniture import-export and our ability to be at the heart of new trends so as to support you as you import from India.

We are committed to:


  1.    Insuring tranquility on your orders.
  2.    Fully protecting your interests.
  3.    Demanding the best quality for all furniture.
  4.    Supporting you on product development.

Our Team

We have a team of both Indian and French nationals who have vast experience working in this sector for more than 10 years.


We have expertise in :

  • Production Follow-Up
  • Quality Control,
  • Packing, Labelling, Stuffing
  • Logistics and Shipping Process

We work closely in tandem with the suppliers and buyers and add value with our experiences and knowledge in early detection of defects and support on time for timely delivery.